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Encounters in a Global World
Threats and opportunities
for social workers and human service professionals

The Main Topics of The Conference Theme:


1) Diversity and Identity
Diversity involves multiculturalism, differences in etnic culture, religion, language or race. These are not necessarily causes for discrimination; on the contrary, they can be viewed as assets. “Diversity” is one of the key concepts in our professional work that you can share your experiences and have an opportunity to discuss your work on the subject.


Identity can represent a person or a community. A person can express himself/herself with his/her identity. It can be described as the proof of existence. We as social work professionals need to accept the identities of people we work with.


2) Discrimination
Discrimination by people and groups may be the most painful encounter for those who are exposed to it.  People are excluded and treated as outsiders due to age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, place of origin, or use of drugs. Social work is based on professional ethical values and, as such, is against all forms of discrimination.


3) Conflicts and Violence
Conflicts and violence may arise between individuals, groups, or communities and emerge as a result of differences in understanding of multiculturalism. Violence can exist not only between races, religions or ethnic groups, but also in schools and other such institutions. Wherever the conflicts emerge, social work and related professions have critical functions to restore mutual understanding and reconciliation using skills and knowledge in developing anger control, conflict resolutions, negotiation and mediation.


4) Hate Crimes
Lack of tolerance or not being able to live with people who are different from themselves, causes people to become angry and commit hate crimes. The most damaging and adverse encounter is hate crimes which based on reciprocal or one sided intolerance...


5) Reconciliation
There is an adjustment process or harmonization period for related parties in each new encounter. This adjustment can be realized by itself automatically over the course of time or with the help of professionals. There are many new ways and initiatives methods to make world a more safe and peaceful place.


6) Internet Abuse
In our age, one of the most important encounters is the internet. This technology brings massive advantages in communication as well as the possibility of threats. Internet abuse mostly takes part in child pornography, organ trade, internet crimes, human trafficking etc. Social work professionals need to work with victims who have been subject to such crimes and suffered in some way because of their use of technology.


7) Human Trafficking and Refugees
Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation, reproductive slavery, forced labor or a modern-day form of slavery. Human trafficking disregard human dignity and diminishes the value of human being. It mainly affects women and children.  Another area of concern is the mafia, who sell human organs in an illegal manner. Since it has international dimensions, it is one of the most challenging areas for social work professionals.



Application deadline to present a paper or leading a workshop:


 31st March, 2013

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